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What Is Flotation Therapy?

Indulge in an escape from reality, leaving behind worries, stress, and pain as you enter a peaceful and tranquil sleep-like state. Flotation therapy is your path to inner peace and heightened clarity. At Peace By Defying Time offers spa cabins where you can de-stress, re-center, and float in a pool of magnesium salt, promoting detoxification and replenishment of vital minerals that your body craves. Schedule a consultation at our Colleyville, TX practice to soak in the benefits of flotation therapy.

How Does Flotation Therapy Work?

At Peace By Defying Time invites you to indulge in our private float cabins. Immerse yourself in a lightproof and soundproof environment, resting in a pool filled with magnesium salt water at body temperature. This mineral-rich solution detoxifies the body while enhancing cellular energy to restore the mind.

Flotation therapy guides you through distinct phases: quieting your active mind and then transitioning into deep relaxation. You may delve into a meditative state, drifting in and out of consciousness, resembling the fluctuation between deep REM sleep and lucid dreaming. Many clients report feelings of euphoria and peace, encouraging personal exploration. Upon completion of your therapy, our team will supply towels, soap, and shampoo for a rejuvenating shower, rinsing off traces of the salt solution.

Mental and Physical Benefits

Floating in zero gravity in darkness and silence has many mental and physical benefits. A significant advancement in holistic wellness therapy, flotation therapy eases mental anxiety, muscle tension, blood pressure levels, and more. If you’re looking for a therapeutic solution to enhance your focus and concentration or relieve pain, At Peace By Defying Time welcomes new and veteran floaters. Contact our team in Colleyville, TX to schedule an appointment today.

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